"Blood Weather is an essential collection. . . . Friman sees the blood pumping beneath the skin . . . ."


- Gary Kerley,  rev. of Blood Weather in GR2, The Georgia Review online

"Among Alice Friman's many great gifts is the ability to stare unflinchingly at the dark complexities of family, nature, civilization, and art that form the groundwork of our narratives of self, and to report back in her stately yet exceedingly practical voice on the difficult beauty she discovers there. This is a brave and honest book, a wise and forthright declaration of power, understanding, and what it means to love "


- Sidney Wade, on Blood Weather

"In her stunning new volume of poems, Blood Weather, Alice Friman explores—with unflinching precision and generosity of spirit—the autumnal wants and understandings that bind us, divide us, gift us to the great unknown. Here the dead, however buried, are kissed and so transformed into the vital summons to live more mindful, grateful, and awake, consecrated in the blood coursing through the loving eye. A deeply moving book."

- Bruce Bond, on Blood Weather


"The poems in Blood Weather take tragic themes, painful memories, and the stormy weather of human nature as their focus, but Alice Friman maintains a grounded perspective with her resilient intelligence and mighty wit. These survival skills register as a form of courage and an indicator of her implicit and unquenchable self-respect."


- Margaret Gibson, on Blood Weather