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Retrospective Essay on Her Work.” [with reprinted poems] Shining Rock Poetry Anthology and Book Review, 2015. Web.

Books, Libraries, & the ‘Fame Shelf’: Alice Friman.” 20 Sept. 2013 in Contributor Bookshelves on The Georgia Review website.       

“Truth: The Road or the Rug.” [on Carson McCullers] The Georgia Review, 2012.

“Poet to Poet: Teaching Dickinson.” Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin, 2010.

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Contribution to Poet’s Bookshelf. Barnwood, 2005.

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“Inking In the Myth.” Hopewell Review, 1996-97. Expanded in Sleeping with One Eye Open: Women Writers and the Art of Survival. U of Georgia P, 1999. 

“Interview with Molly Peacock.” Conducted by Charlotte Templin and Alice Friman. Poets and Writers, Jan./Feb. 1994.

"The Office"  Published in Arts & Letters, Georgia College & State University

To read "Inking in the Myth", "Poet's Bookshelf", "The Office" and "On the Singer" use the drop down menu under Essays. 

Book Reviews by Alice Friman:

  • Rev. of Afterings by Deborah Tall. The Georgia Review, 2017.

  • Rev. of Among the Gorgons by Michelle Boisseau. The Georgia Review, 2017.

  • “Unflinching Testimony.” Rev. of Honeycomb by Carol Frost. New Letters, 2012.

  • “Shooting Straight.” Rev. of What Love Comes To by Ruth Stone. New Letters, 2009.

  • “More Clearly This Time Around.” Rev. of Hazard and Prospect by Kelly Cherry. New Letters, 2008.

  • Rev. of The Gathering Eye by Tina Barr. The Georgia Review, 2005.

  • Rev. of How to Get Heat Without Fire by Marilyn Kallet. Prairie Schooner, 1999

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